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New Decorative Rimmed Soaps October 14 2015, 0 Comments

I have spent quite some time working on and trying to perfect a technique to create a soap that has a decorative rim around the edge of the bar. After many, many failed attempts all my hard work has paid off as you can see some of the successful designs I have created.


These rimmed soaps are made from the same wonderful high quality oils and butters as in all my other bars of soap. As of October 14, 2015 most of these are still on the curing rack and will be available starting at the end of October. 

Why consider a decorative soap like these and the many other offerings from Alaiyna B. Bath and Body? Well - first you get a great quality soap that is gentle on your skin yet still cleanses effectively in scents not typically found in your local stores. Second, they make absolutely wonderful gifts, shower favors and decorative accents to kitchen and baths. Handcrafted soaps are unique, good for you and have an excellent price point for gifting to teachers, mail carriers, hairdressers, housewarming, any type of "Thank You", a quick "Pick Me Up", or even to add to themed gift baskets. The ideas are endless.

~ Faith