Felted Soaps

All of the felted soaps are one of a kind pieces and therefore can only be listed in one location. You can find them in Alaiyna B. Bath and Body on Etsy along with all other product offerings.

Felted Soaps on Alaiyna B. Bath and Body on Etsy



Handcrafted soaps that are felted in wool roving many with the decorative design elements added to further enhance their appearance. These make for a wonderful and unique gift too.

Benefits of felted soap:

1. No need for a additional washcloth or scrubby - the felted natural wool fibers allow the soap to create a wonderful lather for showering or bathing.
2. Gentle and mild exfoliation from the natural wool fibers.
3. Due to the natural quick drying features of wool, soap dries quicker resulting in longer lasting bars (as long as soap is not left in a pool of water and allowed to drain in between uses).
4. No more slippery soap that drops out of your hand.
5. When the soap is used up, you are left with a beautiful felted pouch. Just cut a slit in the top and fill with potpourri or even other soap scraps to get full use of all your soap bars.
6. Felted Soaps make a wonderful and unique gifts.

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